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President's Message - February 2017

Have a great February!
   Last month was wet with all the rain, but it can still be a profitable month!  The rain has increase potential work for our industry.  An example being more one time clean ups. Even if you service the pool, there should be a charge to your customers if the rain flooded the pool, there is not enough profit in service to pay for it on your tab. Another profitable job has been installing drain hose bibs at the equipment pad to drain the pool. 
Rain days are great days to work out your business plan for the year as well! Every year you should make time to evaluate what last year’s profits, losses, and did last year meet your expectations. Did you make enough profit to cover all your expenses, including your salary, future business development, and retirement? If not, you need to adjust product margins and look at labor losses.
This year I have been seeing an increase in some of the products coming from our suppliers. You will need to adjust your margins on the sales you are making to keep up with the changes this year to maintain a profit margin the makes since.  Remember, this is a business and it is important that you know exactly to the penny if a job will make the profit you need.  If it doesn’t, you are better off to pass on that job and work on one the fits your business model!
‘Til next time, keep it clear,
Scott Houseman           


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