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President's Message - April 2017

Have a great April!
The season has started and some clients, mostly children, have started to jump into the pools.  The water temp is still cold, but that is not stopping them from trying.  Make sure to have your pools ready! 
With all the high winds and rain the past winter, make sure to check the entire fence line around the pool at your properties and inspect for leaning fences, missing boards, weak post, and of course “THE GATE”.  We are the professionals!  Our responsibility is not just the pool and equipment.  We need to help protect the clients, their children, and neighbors for their overall safety of the property around the pool.  Let’s make this season safe and fun for all our customers to enjoy their pool!  If you come across a potential safety issues, make sure to notify the homeowners with a note on the door, note it on your monthly statement and send a certified letter.  I have found that an email with an explanation and photo of the problem works great.  Even with some of the clients that will not spend money on the pool will spend it if there is a potential safety issue. Check all your main drain covers and make sure to keep them up to date and safe!  If you have a question regarding a drain cover, take a photo and send it to me and I can help you find a solution to making it safe! 
‘Til next time, keep it clear,
Scott Houseman           


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