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Information about the Pentair Energy Audit Calculator

The Mobile Energy Audit Calculator is an advanced audit tool that will estimate a pool owner’s current pumps energy costs and compare it to the savings they can expect with a Pentair IntelliFlo pump. The calculator uses either a guesstimated Total Dynamic Head figure for the calculation, or can use the actual figures from the jobsite by entering the Vacuum and Pressure readings taken from the existing pump to calculate actual TDH. A report (which is formatted for printing) will display the energy savings utilizing Pie charts, the ever famous light bulb chart, a return on investment chart and a recap of all the data from the audit.

This new tool can be downloaded from the Pentair website – www.pentairpool.com. Select the Pool Professional box, click on calculators, select New Energy Audit Calculator (the one listed first). If you are a first time user, sign up by providing your info, email address and set up a password. If you are a returning user, just log in. Click on “Launch the Mobile Energy Audit Calculator”. This tool is designed for use on a tablet device. If you wish to use this tool on your laptop, it uses Google Chrome to operate and display correctly, so if you don’t have Google Chrome, you may need to install it, otherwise download the Excel spreadsheet version of the tool to your laptop.


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Last updated: November 22, 2013